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On this page, we have a few pics of cars we have worked on, and some that we are still hoping to work in the future. If you want me to include a pic of you favourite car here, send me to me at and I will give you your own page. Thanks Liam.

Hard at work Audi A4 Avant May 2011 
Another Happy Audi Customer March 2011
VW Passat Feburary 2011
April 2010 Valeted this car which increased it sale value by 14%. My German customer was very happy.
2010 XK8 Jag
2010 XJ8 Jag

This is another German diva which we regularly work on. If James Bond was Irish he would drive this wearing a Rolex. Commander Bond drove one of these.
An older XJ6
This was in for a complete Wax in April 2009, click to enlarge this photo.
This is my girlfriends car.  She does let me drive it! I have included one of my girlfriends Bentley, I hope she does not mind.

My first love was a Range Rover LSE like this.
I am hoping to work on one of these babies one day.
This was a car driven my my mate.  We call him "the Jag"  Click to Enlarge this photo
This is a wonder car, we valet this every three months, although it is always spotless.  Click to enlarge it for a beautiful photo.

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