Car Wash |Clane | Co. Kildare

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Our wash includes the following:
1. Pre wash, which removes all heavy soil and dirty from your entire vehicle.
2. Alloy wheels are treated with a solution which removes break dust (waste product from you break pads).
3. The vehicle is then thoroughly rinsed with hot water.
4. The entire vehicle is covered with detergent which is biodegradable.
5. Each panel of the vehicle is sponged by hand to ensure all traffic film is removed.
6. The vehicle is then rinsed off with high temperature, high pressure water.
7. The vehicle is again covered with detergent and rinsed down a final time with Hot water.

If you care about your cars paint work, only get it washed with a high pressure hot jet wash.
Don't use automated rotating brush washers as they will eventually remove you cars Lacquered paint work.
+353 87 982 9698